Making Sure Our Customers Trust Us

In our 30 year history, one of the things we’ve emphasized (very aggressively) is trust. We do it for convention and trade show customers; but also for everyday retail customers too.

A simple wax shine or shoe repair might seem trivial. But think about it. If you have high end retail customers like we do, many are coming by the shop, dropping off $800 pairs of shoes. At the very high end for oil execs and City Council people, one pair might cost $2000. These customers need to have a high level of trust to leave their precious footwear with us. One pastor leaves 5 to 10 pairs at a time. He needs to know without a doubt that we’ll be there when he comes back and that his shoes won’t be damaged or stolen or lost.

In other words I have a strategic advance in the marketplace …. a  30-year reputation of TRUST.   I take the time to reinforce this perception of trust in us.