Essential Tips for Maintaining Leather Bags

Start with cleaning. Regular cleaning is a must. A weekly wipe down with a damp cloth is a good start. But, typically bags will need a more thorough clean by a professional using specialist cleaning product every 2-3 months. Clean and apply conditioner to your bag once a month. First remove dirt with a nylon medium-bristle brush and a capful of Woolite diluted in a bowl of warm water. Let the item dry thoroughly, and use a clean rag to rub in leather conditioner to restore moisture. Give it a light buff with a horsehair shine brush after it dries. Some skins need more care than others.  Most leather bags are vegetable-tanned with tannin. Vegetable-tanned leather bags discolor and shrivel when drenched in water.  So be very careful not to over saturate. Chrome-tanned skins are more water-resistant, and are referred to in trade-speak as “wet blue” for their steel-gray tinge. Full-grain is premium-grade hide that has not been buffed, to showcase the skin’s natural “grain” or texture.   Treat your leather with care.  We have special products to get you there. Call us.  

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