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This is our written policy

We take your property very seriously. This is our written policy for www.mistershines.com

The majority of our customers do not have time to wait for a professional shine or for their merchandise to be repaired the same day. Therefore, we provide a hassle free scheduling service that guarantees the specific date the customer’s shined or repaired merchandise is ready for pickup.

Except for those designated hours when the merchandise is being service, all merchandise is kept in a locked vault using a state-of-the art inventory system which involves insurance and bonding so there is no risk to customers of losing their valuable property without compensation. 

Thus, it goes without saying, we cannot keep merchandise vaulted and insured for an indefinite period of time.

Therefore, we place a 60 day limit on the amount of time from the designated “repair/shine” date a customer has to pick up his or her merchandise. That is to say, if a customer is told the merchandise will be ready on August 5th, that customer must pick up the item by October 5th at closing. After October 5th, merchandise becomes the property of Mister Shines’, and can be disposed of as determined by management.

If you are indisposed and required that a third party pick up your merchandise, please send authorization in writing along with the claim ticket that was issued at the time of drop off.  (Think about it this way: If you drop off a $1000 pair of Gucci loafers to be shined, we REALLY prefer to give that  property directly back to “you”).

Thank you for understanding.

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