Mister Shines' Mobile Courtesy Stands offer a revolutionary new approach to convention and trade show marketing.

We Roll in ... Customers Roll Up

We enhance your chances for success by insuring critical decision makers and corporate managers are provided an irresistible incentive to visit your booth. We have something they all want … a beautiful, professional shine. girlboots 

While, shining footwear is at the core of our interactive model, it’s really the “HOOK”, the initial draw that appeals to a perspective customer’s personal grooming standards and an innate appreciation for great personal service. The deeper fascination and attraction comes with the opportunity to see a Master Artiste up close and personal, applying his timeless skills on the customer’s behalf.

Ever have to throw away boxes of pens and buttons and refrigerator magnets once the convention was over? With Mister Shines’ Courtesy Stands at your booth, the throw-away days are over. We roll in self-contained, set up for as many days as you need us there, then roll out without a trace. The prep work and exhibit breakdown headaches are on us. You’re on to your next destination hassle free.  

It's A Very Simple Process

  • Book our services for the convention, day(s) and hours you need us.
  • Our professional, clean-cut crew will show up with a smile, ready to work.
  • When the event is over, you pay us for services rendered. That's it.

Many Ways To Use Our Mobile Courtesy Shine Service

Remember, our services are not limited to conventions and trade shows. We’re great for galas, reunions, benefits, product launches, and client relations initiatives.


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